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Wadano lodge

Restaurants around Hakuba

There are various types of atmospheric restaurants near Hakuba station, Happo One ski resort, Wadano, Misorano, and Ecoland areas. From Shinshu Soba to Japanese restaurants bringing out the local ingredients, Yakiniku, Izakaya, Noodles, Cafes, and Bars, etc. Check out the listing below for some great options!

Professional french restaurant in Hakuba Tokyu Hotel.

Genuine Japanese restaurant also located in Tokyu Hotel. You can enjoy Tea Ceremony dishes.

The Lodge Lounge Bar
Lunch and fresh coffee is served in a spacious and relaxating environment.

Maeda Soba
Located in the center of Happo. Try not only reputable Soba but various other menu options as well.
The Tempura, Nozawana, and Japanese pickles are recommended.

Soba Shin
5 min walk from Hakuba station. Spicy Wasabi soba, Sansai soba, and Tempura soba are fantastic options.

Soba Shubo Zen
Soba Shubo Zen is a traditional Japanese Style house.
Handmade Soba and other a la carte dishes are getting favorable reviews.

Ringoya Soba
Many locals love and often visit Ringoya as well.
They open only for lunch and close when they’ve sold out.

Located along the road in front of Hakuba station.
You can enjoy fresh Sushi and Japanese dishes easily.

Hakuba Hanten
Genuinely satisfying Chinese meals.

Uncle Stevens
Near Happo Gondola, taste real Mexican cuisine including tacos and tequila!

Fresh-baked bread and cake are served up from a cute cottage.

Madam Yukimoku
Enjoy the healthy and real taste of French cuisine in Yukimoku. It is also open for lunch.

Hidden delicious French restaurant. Need prior reservation as number of customers are limited.

Indy Momo
Authentic Indian & Nepalese cuisine with great Alps view.

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