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Wadano lodge

Hakuba Happo Onsen

Dai ichi kyo no Yu / Dai ni kyo no Yu / Mimizuku no Yu / Obinata no Yu
This family of four onsens scattered around the Happo area provide clear and colorless alkaline hot spring water which is kind on the skin and has positive effects on fatigue and muscle aches.
Choose between the nice smell of an outdoor wooden tub at Dai ichi, outdoor stone baths next to a river or with a spectacular view of the Alps at Obinata or Mimizuku, or a more steamy indoor experience at Dai ni no Yu.

Hakuba Salt Road Onsen

Kurashita no Yu / Iwatake no Yu / Garden no Yu / Eco Land no Yu
This ancient hot water which has been covered by Fosa Magma for 25 million years becomes red brown on exposure to air.
The temperature is about 48 degrees. This natrium・chloride・hydrogen carbonate hot spring will deeply moisturize your skin because of its salt content.

Hakuba Katakuri Onsen

Juro no Yu
This mild alkaline plain hot spring is salt monohydrate sodium bicarbonate water including a wide variety of natural minerals and is well known as Bijin(Beauty) no Yu which will warm you to the core of your body.
It offers a free communal rest area or private resting rooms for a fee.

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